Deaf and Hard of Hearing resources

Deaf and Hard of Hearing resources

Telecommunications Equipment DistributionPrograms Free and low-cost phones for deaf and hard of hearing. A site for understanding Deaf Culture and People. Olympic-style sporting event for individuals who are Deaf or hard of hearing.

D I Institute An initiative from The National Consortium of Interpreter Education Centers, DIInstitute is a learning, sharing, and networking site for Deaf Interpreters. The site contains a national database of Deaf interpreters as well.

Telecommunications Relay Service  The FCC Guide to Telecommunication Relay Services.

Handspeak Sign language website with a dictionary and grammar for ASL. Contains teaching tutorials and videos, as well as information on Deaf culture. There is also a link for the ISL (International Sign Language) Dictionary with video demonstration.

Lifeprint ASLU American Sign Language University, an ASL learning resource for students and teachers.

Rochelle Barlow Signing and schooling, as well as Thirty-one days to Learn ASL.

Start American Sign Language A free ASL instruction site, includes information on Deaf culture and Deaf history. Want to learn Baby Sign Language? This site also offers twelve step instruction on effectively communicating with your baby.

World federation of the Deaf An international, non-governmental organization representing approximately 70 million Deaf people worldwide. WFD is committed to ensuring the rights of Deaf individuals worldwide.

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