Wheelchair Information

Wheelchair Information

The Abledata Product Guide on WheeledMobility Products. A comprehensive guide to everything related to wheelchairs. Manufacturer listings, wheelchair descriptions, equipment related to wheelchairs.

Wheelchair Net Wheelchair University, commercial product resources for wheelchair users.

Whirlwind Wheelchair Whirlwind Wheelchair International is a non-profit social enterprise dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities in the developing world while also promoting sustainable local economic development in the process.

Consumer information and comparison charts for different wheelchairs

Abledata Fact Sheet on Choosing a ManualWheelchair Includes a comprehensive listing of types of wheelchairs, wheelchair manufacturers, funding information.

Spinalcord.org Resource Center guide to wheelchair selection.

Seating systems for people with spinal cord injury- a resource designed for service providers, but filled with great information for the consumer who wants to make an informed decision regarding their seating situation.


MyWheelchair Caddy Manual and rigid protection systems for airline travel with your wheelchair.

Ottobock Wheelchair runners for winter.

Rollick sells and delivers manual and electric powered attachable hand bikes, electric wheelchairs.

Wheelchair Buddies Buddies allow the rider to attach their wheelchair to a hand cycle, allowing them to bring their wheelchair and wheels along for the ride.

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